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Technology creates quality life



More than ten years years of ingenuity

         AISB sanitary ware is located in known as "China ceramic capital" reputation of foshan city, guangdong province, the famous scenic tourist destination - the south China sea large wetland park near at hand with the company. Company focused on 304 stainless steel bathroom cabinet, wardrobe, shower room, stainless steel faucet hardware design, production and sales. This company produces stainless steel bathroom cabinet, shower room, leading hardware series products are all made of high quality 304 stainless steel as raw material, the surface through a unique "fingerprint" technology processing, rich color collocation to make products to be concise and easy and do not break the modern breath. YiShiBao stainless steel products with its unique rust, moisture, corrosion and wear resistance, cracking resistance, no radiation, no pollution, and many other advantages services around the world new and old customers.


Create quality life

With innovative technology, product and design, to make life better and more efficient.

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AISB seiko quality Keep improving




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